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AGINAO is a research project aimed at building an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system capable of matching or even exceeding the level of human intellectual skills.

This project currently uses NAO humanoid robot from SoftBank (formerly Aldebaran Robotics) as a testbed for the robotic/embodied approach to the AGI - hence the project name. Since, however, the processing power of the robot's built-in computer is rather limited, NAO is simply acting as a proxy to communicate the data for sensors and actuators, while all the resource consuming processing is done on a remote host.

The project currently focuses on building the cognitive engine for the robot. Following, a preschool-like environment will be set up, and one or more robots will be employed in a continuous interaction with human teachers, hoping that by imitating toddler's development an artificial mind will eventually emerge.

The project is privately sponsored.


Evaluating Actuators in a Purely Information-Theory Based Reward Model.pdf

IEEE SSCI 2013, Singapore

Binary Space Partitioning as Intrinsic Reward.pdf

The Fifth Conference on Artifical General Intelligence, Springer-Verlag, Oxford, UK, 2012

The AGINAO Self-Programming Engine.pdf

Journal of Artificial General Intelligence 3(3) 2012, DOI: 10.2478/v10229-011-0018-0

Heuristic Search in Program Space for the AGINAO Cognitive Architecture.pdf
Heuristic Search in Program Space.pptx


Artificial General Intelligence embodied in NAO humanoid robot.pptx

The 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ICAISC 2012), Zakopane, Poland. (invited talk)

Heuristic Search in Program Space for the AGINAO Cognitive Architecture.mp4

The Fourth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, Mountain View, CA, USA. 3-6 Aug 2011. Self-Programming Workshop

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