Artificial General Intelligence
AGINAO is a research project aimed at building an Artificial
General Intelligence (AGI) system capable of matching or
even exceeding the human level intellectual skills.

The NAO humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics is currently
used as a testbed for our robotic/embodied approach. Since the
processing power of the robot's built-in computer is insufficient
for the main task - and a lot of its power is consumed by the
internal processing - the NAO is merely set as a forefront to
communicate the sensory and actuators information via an UDP
link to a stronger host.

After finishing the initial programming phase, one or more robots
will be tested in a preschool-like environment, with the intention
that most of the robot's knowledge and capabilities will be acquired
by applying machine learning methods during interaction
in the real world.

This project is a privately sponsored enterprise.